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Announcing Gift to Morehouse College

Because our “helping hand” or our financial commitment is primarily to education majors with a focus on future teachers, it is with great honor that Johnathan T. Leonard Memorial Scholarships & Grants is pleased to announce it has made a gift (2024 Gift Announcement) to Morehouse College’s Minority Male Teachers Program. The reason that this announcement is so exciting is that the vision of the Morehouse Education Department is to “close the representation gap” for underrepresented minorities “in classrooms, schools, districts, and educational leadership roles.” It is this vision that aligns so well with our commitment to raising the awareness of the underrepresentation of men and underrepresented people groups in the field of education. Read about Johnathan’s Calling (Here).

Press Release

For Release July 2020

The Teacher Shortage

Great Expectations – It is not simply about a diverse teacher workforce, but about the success of all students regardless of what community they come from. And even though male teachers who self-identify as Black only make up 2 percent of the teaching workforce,1 studies support the idea that diversity and inclusion in teaching increases the performance of elementary and secondary students from underrepresented people groups2 and that teachers who come from underrepresented people groups who teach students from their same underrepresented people group are about the child’s ability to complete high school than teachers from other demographic groups.3


1U.S. Department of Education, Office of Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development, Policy and Program Studies Service, The State of Racial Diversity in the Educator Workforce, Washington, D.C. 2016.

2Whitfield, Chandra. “Only Two Percent of Teachers Are Black Men, Yet Research Confirms They Matter.” The Undefeated, 29 Jan. 2019.

3“Race Biases Teachers’ Expectations for Students.” 2016.

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